Baby number two and the first trimester

It’s hard to believe it’s been several months since I’ve written in this little space. They year is just flying by. But it seemed like a nice time to get back behind the keyboard and share the exciting news that we are expecting a new baby. Although Eleanor doesn’t quite understand the concept that Mummy has a baby in her tummy just yet, we know she will make the most doting and caring big sister. I’ve been overwhelmed with lovely messages on Instagram this week congratulating our family on our news which has been truly special. Babies bring such joy don’t they?

I thought I might share how my first trimester is going so far. I didn’t keep many written updates on my pregnancy with Eleanor and I’d like to do a little better with documenting things this time.

Our baby is due on the 2nd of January. At first I panicked a little when I realised the time of year the baby would be arriving. Think Christmas, New Year and all the many parties and functions happening around this time. SO busy! But Peter quickly reassured me that the timing is actually a huge blessing. He is a school teacher and will be on the largest break of the year over the Christmas holidays, so it will mean we get more time with him at home once the baby has arrived. With Eleanor, Peter was able to use three weeks of his long service leave to stay home with us and this time our plan is to have him home for the first month. I’m truly grateful for this provision as I imagine there will be quite a bit of adjusting to do as we become a family of four.

As with Eleanor, I have been quite unwell with morning sickness from around four weeks. I was still teaching when I fell pregnant with Ellie and I remember having to constantly eat plain crackers throughout the day to keep my nausea at bay. This time round, I have had all day nausea, with the addition of vomiting from 9 weeks. The first trimester with this new baby has definitely been a difficult one at times. I must admit to having some pretty low moments where I’ve literally stayed in bed for most of the day while Eleanor played around me or watched TV. It has meant our days have been a lot less exciting than normal, and we haven’t always made it to outings like playgroup or swimming. This has left me feeling rather guilty for poor Ellie, as she really enjoys these weekly activities. But rest has been what my body has needed, and I’ve really made a conscious effort to listen to it. Eleanor has been wonderful despite our uneventful schedule. I’m so lucky she has been happy to entertain herself and potter about the house with me.

We are one day shy of reaching the 13 week mark and I seem to be having a few less sick days (although I’m still craving hot chips and ginger beer all the time!). I’ve got every finger crossed that I’ll be feeling myself again very soon. The first trimester can seem a long and lonely time if you suffer from sickness and are choosing to wait to announce your pregnancy until late in your first trimester. We decided to share our news early with our immediate families and a couple of my close friends, and it made such a difference having a small group of people I could talk to and lean on for support. It seems common for women to ‘suffer in silence’ during the first trimester of pregnancy, even though it can be the most challenging time. I really feel having at least one trusted person to talk to can make all the difference on the hard days. The power of a friend’s encouragement and reassurance can never be underestimated.

Last week we got to see our baby wriggling about on the screen during our 12 week scan and it was such a blessing and relief. I feel like this time around I have an even deeper appreciation for the miracle of life and growing a baby. Birthing Ellie and watching her develop and grow, seeing her fragility in those first few weeks earth side and marveling at the way she is now talking and making sense of the world, has made me realise just how precious having a child is. I’ll be forever grateful to God for the opportunity to become a mother for a second time.

Well I’m off now to make headway with cleaning our home and packing for our holiday in Tasmania (we leave in 2 days!). Pete has literally cooked, cleaned, entertained Ellie and kept everything afloat here for the past couple of months, all while writing school reports and trying to survive a very busy term. He’s been an absolute trooper and sees pregnancy very much as a team effort – something I’m eternally grateful for. We are so looking forward to our little break away, the start of the second trimester and this new season of preparing for life as a family of four.

Sarah x

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