Ethical Christmas Gift Giving with Oxfam Australia

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself struggling with the issue of poverty. We live in such a wealthy country, yet millions of people around the world are barely able to meet the basic needs of their families. It’s a harsh reality that regularly tugs at my heart strings. How can we make a difference? Where do we start? If you are feeling like me, please read on.

With Christmas just around the corner in 6 short weeks (where did this year go?), it really is such a special time of giving. I enjoy picking out gifts to share with those I love and seeing their faces light up when they open them. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. This Christmas, more than ever though, I have been conscious of making better choices when it comes to buying gifts. I’ve been searching the internet this week for items and brands that ensure their products are made ethically. If something is made ethically, it means that the person or people who made that item (a piece of clothing, furniture, decorative textiles etc.) is being paid fairly for their work. It means that they are being treated equitably and earning a proper wage that can help lift themselves and their family out of poverty.

You may have heard in the media recently that Baptist World Aid has published its 2017 Ethical Fashion Report. I appreciate so much the work that this organisation has done in providing truthful information about which brands are operating ethically and not exploiting their workers, particularly when it comes to forced and child labour. You can download the report here, which provides a list of some of the most well-known Australian brands and their ethical rating from A+ to F. It was a shame to see that some of the brands/stores I regularly purchase from only received an average or less than average rating. It has definitely given me a greater awareness of the fact that what I buy does have a direct impact on people and their quality of life.

In my search for ethically made gifts for Christmas, I came across the Oxfam Australia website. I had heard of Oxfam before and knew they were and organisation who helped aid those in poverty. But what I didn’t realise was that they have an extensive online shop selling beautiful, affordable and ethically made gifts. You will find jewellery, cushions, floor rugs, stationery, clothing, artwork, kitchenware, leather goods, skincare products, soft toys and even gourmet food hampers. What I love most, is that every item has a blurb explaining who has made the product and where the product was made. A completely transparent shopping experience and so nice as a buyer to know who you have supported through your purchase.

So why not give a double blessing this Christmas and purchase ethically made gifts. Even though we can’t be there to physically help those in poverty, we can ease their hardship by buying the wares they work so hard to make. You will not only bring joy to your loved ones, but to families who need it most.

Oxfam have just brought out their Christmas Catalogue for this year and are offering free shipping for all orders over $50 with the code FAIR50. And for TODAY only, they are also offering 20% off their entire site! It really is the perfect time to get organised for the festive season and make a difference too.

This collection of gifts are some of my favourite finds currently available in the Oxfam store. There is something for every member of the family and to suit all budgets.

1. Jute shopping bag – $49.95
2. Stoneware teapot – $59.95
3. Jade Bead Necklace – $24.95
4. Peony Butterflies Barrel Mug – $16.95
5. Glass Copper Star Decoration – $8.95
6. Red Gass Bauble – $9.95
7. Tembusu Wood Salad Servers – $29.95
8. Marbled Ceramic Bowl – $19.95
9. Cotton and Silk Blend Mustard Scarf – $19.95
10. Organic Salted Caramel Truffles – $9.95
11. Khmer Citrus Press – $39.95
12. Embroidered Arrow Cushion Cover – $29.95
13. Polka Dot Apron – $19.95
14. Eco Leather Shoulder Bag – $149
15. Fuschia Lotus Earrings – $14.95
16. Hand Woven Collapsible Basket – $19.95
17. Floral Garden Wall Hanging – $79.95
18. Soft Elephant Toy – $39.95
19. Arabesque Small Bowl – $9.95
20. Farm House Set – $29.95

Happy ethical shopping.

Sarah x

This is not a sponsored post. 

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