Taking Stock in Spring

I have long been an admirer of Jodi and her Instagram page and blog, Practising Simplicity. Every once in a while Jodi takes stock, using this list as a way of slowing down and taking the time to appreciate life as it is right now. I have decided to take a leaf out of her book and take stock as well. I really enjoyed this writing activity and the way it provides a snapshot into our family’s comings and goings at the moment, as well as my motherhood journey. So here’s what I’ve been up to…

Making: haste to get my washing on the line before it rains. We have had some fierce storms this past week.
Cooking: this amazing chocolate cake (it’s the one I made for Eleanor’s first birthday). I use this vegan chocolate icing recipe.
Drinking : peppermint tea.
Reading: nothing currently. Need some new book suggestions please.
Trawling: the internet for ethically made Christmas gifts.
Wanting: to have a nap but needing to clean the floors.
Looking: forward to our trip to NZ in just over a month.
Deciding: on what to cook for dinners this week. I think fresh salads will be in order – it’s hot here at the moment.
Wishing: for a vegetable garden we can grow our own produce in.
Enjoying: my days at home with Eleanor. One is such a delightful age.
Waiting: for December 1st when we usually put up our Christmas decorations. I think I’m going to break tradition and start early this year.
Liking: getting back into exercise. My body feels much better for it.
Wondering: if I’ll ever get my laundry in order. Clothes are clean but the folding is another story.
Loving: being a mother. It really is the most rewarding job.
Pondering: what type of pavers to use on the side path of our home.
Listening: to Audrey Assad on Spotify. Such a beautiful artist.
Considering: giving Ellie a daytime bath today to help clear her runny nose.
Buying: new cleaning products. I love Norwex and their simple, green cleaning philosophy.
Watching: the ‘Victoria’ series on Netflix. Such an inspiring woman.
Hoping: we’ll have Saturday night free this weekend so Pete and I can watch a movie together.
Marvelling: at how hard my husband works. He never stops giving.
Cringing: at the state of our garage. It has become a bit of a dumping ground of late.
Needing: to organise Christmas presents in the next couple of weeks. I’d love to have everything wrapped before our trip to NZ.
Smelling: delicious beef brisket simmering away in the slow cooker.
Wearing: my pyjamas. We are having a quiet day at home.
Noticing: Eleanor starting to say ‘real’ words and not just sweet baby babble. ‘Birdy’ is her current favourite.
Knowing: that I need to cherish every single day.
Trouble-shooting: how to make our home more environmentally friendly. I long for less waste.
Thinking: about what adventures are in store for our family in the coming months.
Admiring: the beautiful Jacaranda trees in full bloom at the moment.
Bookmarking: easy, low calorie, veggie-filled recipes on Pinterest.
Opening: Eleanor’s bedroom door to watch her napping.
Closing: the fridge door after sneaking a piece of this slice for morning tea.
Feeling: beyond blessed.
Dreaming: of a world where people aren’t hurting.
Hearing: my sub-conscious telling me to not fret about the little things.
Celebrating: a wonderful first year with our baby girl.
Embracing: all that life as a wife and mother holds.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Sarah x

Photos – Taken last weekend at my beautiful parents-in-law’s home. 

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