A New Venture

For a while now I’ve been feeling a tug at my heart strings to begin writing. To start documenting the little and big parts of our family’s life and share my new journey of motherhood.

We like to keep things simple here. Enjoying quiet days at home and spending quality time together. Our days are not always particularly interesting or extraordinary, but it’s in the seemingly mundane day-to-day routines that I’ve come to find some of my most treasured memories.

I have been blessed with much in my 25 years on Earth, but a good long term memory is not one of them. My sister, well she can remember ridiculous details. Like the numbers on apartment doors or the foods we ate at restaurants as children. Me on the other hand… if an event does not have a significant emotional attachment (either really good or really bad), it just doesn’t seem to cut it with my memory bank.

This was a huge personal reason for starting my blog. A way to preserve all the precious moments of life that just pass by way too quickly. But an even bigger reason is to connect with other women. To share life’s ups and downs, ins and outs and hopefully bring a little bit of joy and encouragement along the way.

I’m so looking forward to this new venture, to penning my thoughts and getting to know you. Thanks for beginning this journey with me.

Sarah x

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